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Thread: What is the best gun cleaning products?

  1. I use Balistol amazing product penetrates lubes cleans and can use on wood and leather

  3. My version of Ed's Red: 50/50 mix of Kroil and Amsoil synthetic ATF. I find it to be a great cleaner. I follow up with a lube mix with the last of my CLP that I bought over 20 years ago and Mobil 1 synthetic oil.

    Works for me.

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    The " only " cleaning product my Glock gets is cascade From the dishwasher !

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    Eezox on everything ... even my blades... tried it and never looked back and so has everyone who I've told to try it....Cleans, eliminates fingerprints,protects even makes em smell fresh... its hard to trust a dry lube but I've become a believer ....

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    I'm a true follower of Hoppes #9. For actions, a little dab of good old moly grease works wonders. Also, try Marvel Mystery Oil for your wipedown rag.

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    For most cleaning jobs I still use Hoppe's #9. I have found that on the tougher jobs kroil works great, even on black powder guns! cardinal sin, I know! never had a problem, just clean it well with gun scrubber! Lately I have been using Bore Tech cleaning products, as #9 was not cutting it, these products are great. The CU2 product is fantastic on severe copper fouling. Smells way better than Sweets and is bore safe. Lots of stuff out there. I seem to get a lot of guns through the shop that are very neglected, so I need products that work and these work well for me.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by kenster View Post
    I started using Gunzilla CLP and have nothing but good to say about it. Top Duck Products, LLC., Creators of Superzilla and Gunzilla
    I second the choice for Gunzilla. I started using on some troublesome guns and the problems went away.

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    I have used CLP, Hoppes #9, and Ballistol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donc View Post
    nothin like the smell of hoppes #9 in the morning .....hahahhahah
    Have you tried the Hoppes Elite? Works just as good without the smell. Now the wife doesn't bit-- (er I mean complain) when I clean my weapons at the dining room table.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_fire View Post
    Have you tried the Hoppes Elite? Works just as good without the smell.
    None of the Hoppes products have the "good smell" any longer. It seems they've changed the formula and removed it. Probably because the new formula is more "green friendly", or some such crap. The one thing I used to look forward to when cleaning my guns is now gone forever. Makes me want to pi$$ on Al Gores house!

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