What is the best gun cleaning products?
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Thread: What is the best gun cleaning products?

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    What is the best gun cleaning products?

    I know we all have got a particular brand of cleaning and lubing product we use. What I am wondering is if there any recent independent tests that shed light on which ones might actually do a better job of lubricating and protecting?
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    I am a big fan of Otis. We use a ton of there products at work and that is what I use on my personal weapons.
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  4. M-pro 7

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    nothin like the smell of hoppes #9 in the morning .....hahahhahah
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    I am hooked on CLP, myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donc View Post
    nothin like the smell of hopes #9 in the morning .....hahahhahah
    Good old #9.
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    Hoppes #9 works here. Lube with Mil-Comm TW-25B

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    WD-40 is the best stuff I've found in my experience. Nothing works better on my firearms. They even say so on the can.

    J/K !!!!

    All kidding aside, my favorite has been "Gun Scrubber" and "Mil-Tec". At minimum, I'll have a bottle of "Mil-Tec" on hand to do the cleaning and lubricating. The "Gun Scrubber" just speeds up the process.

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    Home made products

    There are some great ideas on gun care products on this site

    FR. FROG'S Home Page

    More closely here Homemade Firearm Related Products

    This is also a great site for general firearms information

  11. I don't know of any independent tests but I can certainly give another vote to CLP as far as preferences go.
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