Forgive me if this is a repeat question, but I have yet to find an answer that isn't just general frame cleaning. It almost seems like most people don't bother much with the trigger levers, spring and other components.

So, specifically for polymer-framed auto pistols, such as my M&P, what is the best way to clean all the moving parts in the frame and trigger area? I currently use cotton swabs and nylon brushes, but there are so many joints and nooks and crannies and moving parts with hard to reach places that it takes quite a while and I never really feel like I got it all. Is there a polymer-safe penetrating foam cleaner that would do a good job? Or a better method? (and heck, might that also work well for hard-to-strip .22 rifles like the Rem 597 or the Ruger 10-22? I tend to think that you can never to be too anal about cleaning your guns, especially your carry gun, but I suppose its possible.....

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.