A couple of years ago I bought this old RIA 1911 for $250...I hadn't built a 1911 in a while, so I wanted a new project to see if I could still turn a junk box gun into a Single Stack match pistol for shooting steel.
The Junkyard Dog-jyd-01.jpg
The Junkyard Dog-jyd-02.jpg
The Junkyard Dog-jyd-02-case-bushing.jpg
The Junkyard Dog-jyd-03.jpg
The Junkyard Dog-jyd-07.jpg
The Junkyard Dog-jyd-05.jpg
The Junkyard Dog-jyd-08.jpg
The Junkyard Dog-jyd-11.jpg

The old POS ran like a champ through about 10 matches...then someone offered me a LOT more than I was in it...so, ****...I sold it. Never discount the idea of a Junkyard Dog.