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  1. lube??

    i went to my local wal mart tonight to pick up a few things and ended up at automotive and sporting goods:), their rem oil was up to $7 a can. i went across and looked at oil and remembered about people liking mobile 1, i looked and most was$8 - $10 a quart, then i saw some on clearence, i hope this is ok cause i bought a quart of mobile 1 advanced full synthetic 15w50 for $3, the salesman said that weight didn't sell good. then i went by camping and found wd40 specialist silicone 11oz spray on sale for $2.50, was told 3 in 1 out sells it even tho its made by the same company. are these good lubes for not only my shotgun but also for my lcr handgun? thanks

  3. I would be suspect of the 15w50, since it thickens as it heats up; which could be bad. I donít know about silicone, but all my Grandfather used was 3-in-1; I still love the smell.

    I like and use Hornady One Shot.

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    I think you are good with those.... I think Lyle made some good observations. Shotguns have a good tolerance for lubricants as do revolvers. Using it a little sparingly. Cold weather might cause some silicones to 'gunk up' after time. Cleaning more often would help.

    I use Rem Oil are a preservative lube for a gun that sees seasonal use, and then clean the gun again prior to use. I also use Frog Lube for cleaning guns, it works well as a lube if you shoot it soon (a month, six weeks?) after application. I have had Frog lube that had been liberally applied, "Gunk up" after six or ten months. I still like it on guns frequently used.

    My EDC and others get cleaned, wiped dry and then lubed with CLP.

    Really I don't buy lube based on price, but on performance. Price can be very important, especially on a budget, I get that, but a little lube goes a long way and it's my life, my family.

  5. Iíve used mobile one for years exclusively along with mobile one grease very very sparingly on all my guns. 1000ís of rounds and no trouble at all. Had a few friends even switch. I love the stuff.

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