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    taurus pt 1911

    hello im new here and think that so far this is a great forum. with that said i have a queston? before i go taking apart my new gun i would like to know if it is possible to put a skeletonized hammer on this gun, i dont have any smal fingers running around that i need the locking hammer, and dont like the looks of it. any help wld be great

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    Any aftermarket 1911 parts can be installed on the Taurus, of course make sure everything operates safely during fitting.

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    you definatly will be able to... but do not try to use the hammer strut on your old hammer buy a new one and a new hammer strut pin, you will have to peen the hammer strut pin i use a finishing nail punch and an anvil it works beautifully, i have a RIA 1911 but all that is left original is the slide and frame i put all these parts in without any really training just my bench manual

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