Applying for Gunsmith FFL,
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Thread: Applying for Gunsmith FFL,

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    Applying for Gunsmith FFL,

    I have a question, I am moving to houston and want to start my gunsmithing buisness down there, the problem is that i will only be renting an apt, will be able to use the apt address as my address for my FFL, or gunsmithing license from the atf or will i have to rent a work space somewhere

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    Probably not, BATFE will not issue a FFL to anyone unless you can obtain a local business license, if applicable, for the type of FFL you're applying for. You'll have to rent space in an appropriately zoned area and obtain a local business license first.
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    Another thing to consider is that BATF requires a secure storage area for the firearms. Sometimes a large gun safe in the garage of a home will suffice. Those gun safes small and light enough for apartments don't usually meet the requirements. Good luck in your endeavors.

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    maybe i can find somewhere that isnt to expensive in houston

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