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Thread: practice distance for beginner

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    Question practice distance for beginner

    I recently got my ccw permit and I am new to pistol shooting. What is a good distance to start off for practice target shooting. I shot my new G19 over the weekend and was less than impressed with my skills . Let me add that my target was about 50 feet away, 10" in dia...too far?

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    The average encunter is 5 to 8 feet. Where I a from if you shoot a guy at 50 feet you are going to jail. I practice from 2 feet out to 21 feet. I try to shoot a 4 inch triangle pattern. Other may disagree but my $.02.
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    I hadn't thought about it like that. I was just trying to get a feel for the gun. But I guess if you can't hit the target you need to move closer!!! It sure looks easier than it is. Thanks

  5. I would suggest focusing on your trigger pull more than anything right now since you're a new shooter. Most people who are not shooting the group they want are pulling the gun to the side when they pull the trigger. Just lots of practice once you get in the habit of having a good trigger pull technique.

    Happy shooting.

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    In Texas the three distances you have to shoot to qualify for your CHL is 3,7, and 15 yards. Anything farther is more or less target shooting rather than combat shooting. Rob Pincus has a good video where he teaches "combat accuracy". It would be worth getting. If you can put all your shots on a circle the size of a quarter you are most likely shooting to slow. If you are all over the target and off the target you are shooting to fast.
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    You would do well to spend the bucks to attend at least one defensive/tactical handgun class at a reputable school. 50 feet is way too far away. At Frontsight, we train at 3,5, 7, and 15 meters as this is where most action is going to take place, as per personal defense. 21.5 feet (7 m) is touted as the range in which an UNTRAINED BG can be on top of you in 1.5 seconds. So, we train to draw and plant two shots to the the thorasic cavity in 1.5 seconds. Train, train, train, and then train some more. But you need to know the whys and wherefores behind the training. Simply plinking at the range aint' gonna cut it if you're serious about personal self-defense.

    My .02 cents

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    What you are hearing here is really good advice. So many people learn to shoot standing in the perfect stance, taking time to line up the sites to try to hit the center at 50' then feel they are ready for defensive shooting.

    If you can draw, point and hit body mass without ever getting a site picture at 10' you are in a much better postition to claim your defensive title. I think jj gave you the three most important words in defensive shooting...

    Train, Train and Train

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    Thank you so much guys...I was just trying the gun out because I bought it used from a dealer and wanted to make sure there were no problems with it...I was at a buddys house and it was 20 degrees out, but I just wanted to shoot it I definitely want to take a live fire course before I learn any bad habits! I have 2 friends who are LE and both have offered to help me out with my technique,one is a pistol training officer at the academy. so I am looking forward to that, thanks again this site is great! I will edit this and say that he uses the targets for his 223 and they are across a creek so that is as close as i could get...
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    My primary focus is 3-7yds; rarely past 10yrds. Like others have said most BG encounters take place at distances less than 15'.

  11. Hello everyone I was checking out the advice you all gave to titaniumman, and I am really impressed. I am a new shotgun owner, because that is the only gun we can own while being a resident in the city of chicago. Now I need to find out where I can get practice for shooting and training for use of a shotgun as you all know this is a big gun, I bought it for home defense, and I went and bought a hunting shotgun by accident, a Mossberg 500 pump, but a sales advisor from a locla gun shop stated it will still do the job, but I want to make sure if I ever need to use it I will be effective in protecting my family.
    Thanks Achynadoll

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