Did my MCOLES Pistol Training course here just a couple days ago [Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards] ie defensive shooting. Did very well I must say. To qualify you had to get at least 31 of 41 shots within the kill group on a target, [10 being dead center and 8 was the furthest acceptable limit on the target] Im pleased to say, I shot 39 of 41 between the 8 and 10 target areas.
Good course to take if its offered in your state, they go through double feeds and how to quickly clear them, to shooting one handed with strong hand and weak hand. You shoot from distances from 3 yards all the way to 25 yards.

The course was required by my Private Security Company, they paid for the range time of course, have to say as a CPL holder its nice to know that under stressful situations most of my targets are going to be hitting the kill areas in the individual whether I have to draw at work on just in everyday life.

I honestly dont know how many of the people I shot with, did not qualify, or just barley passed. My company is soon to offer classes in ASP batons, Chemical agents like Mace, and basics in hand to hand combat being we perform arrests just like Police.

Eh, had to brag, I was happy that I missed only 2 of the shots, probably left handed -.- Good thing was the 2 shots would have only been wounding shots, 1 was in the upper left shoulder, and the other was just a graze on the same arm.
Anyhow, had to toot my own horn for a moment.