Do You Carry Every Day?
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Thread: Do You Carry Every Day?

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    Lightbulb Do You Carry Every Day?

    I've had a ccw license for three years now. I believe myself to be pretty serious about why (I) carry. Knowing what evil can crawl out of any hiding spot or lay waiting out in the open. Not just lurking in shadows.

    I carry every day all day. Although at first I'd only carry when I thought I might need it. Honestly who knows when they will get in a gunfight or get mugged? Part of the reason i'd leave my gun at home was ridicule from friends or family.

    They'd laugh at the thought of needing a gun to run errands on a sunday afternoon, or to bring it to a get-together at a friends house. I've always seem too get over involved with my interest, was I getting to paranoid? After all I'm not a cop or ex military just an Eagle scout who try's to stay prepared.

    Now I know some of you say always carry never tell, but you can't always hide it from hug-hungry grandmothers and nosy friends. Like I said , now I always carry and try my damnedest to keep my carry low key.
    Anyone else had to deal with similar problems or thoughts on such subject?

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    Yep. I've carried every day for over 10 years and I still get the same thing from friends and family. I've also gotten a new found interests in shooting so I'm very enthusiastic about my sport. My Glock 27 had just become a set of car keys for me. Hell the copper on the Hydra Shok had to be cleaned on it at times.

    Nothing you can do but, hide your secret of carrying to everyone you can and just ask the others which friend/family member they would rather walk down a dark alley with.

    You can always mention D.C. too. If they had CCW..............
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    I carry or have my weapon within hands reach 24-7. Very seldom I go to a Gun Free Zone. Try to stay away from those places.
    USAF Retired, CATM, SC CWP, NH NR CWP, NRA Benefactor
    To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them... -- Richard Henry Lee, 1787

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    echo_5 Guest
    always...except where prohibited:y:

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    lol My normal answer to this question is. "No I only carry when I know I'm going to need it." Usually I get "Well, how do you know that?" I just smile and say exactly! So yes I carry mine everyday also. I can only think of two times in the last year and a half I left it in the car. Both times I had to go into city hall.

    After my mom found out I had it she use to pat me down when she hugged me. I finally told her If I'm here so is my pistol.

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    Unfortunately, I don't/can't carry as much as I would like. I spend a lot of time on college campuses (is that a word?). In the fall I'm at college plus professional football games. None of these places are legal for carry in FL.

    I don't really like it but I have chosen to obey the law. I do take some comfort in knowing that a huge percentage of legal gun defense use takes place at home. I do have my firearms ready to use at home. (Of course, my loyal Basset Hounds are ready to assist me in defending the home front)!

  8. I carry every day from when I wake up and put on my bathrobe until I go to bed at night. Outside the house, unless working in the yard, I carry two guns. My only advice is, learn how to hug so your gun isn't felt.


    When hugging have your gunside arm go low on the other person's waist. This forces their arm to go up on your shoulder, thus preventing them from feeling your gun if you are carrying behind the strongside hip.


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    It is a very rare occasion that I do not carry.

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    Very seldom do I not carry but I'm always on the look out for gun free zones.
    I joke with the few friends who know I do carry saying, "I only carry three days a week; you guess what three days..."
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    I always carry. Now that I have my dog, when we wake up during the night, I have my Glock 23 in a paddle holster. I slip that on, knife, toss an extra mag in my pocket as well as my Surefire 6P Defender. Sounds like a lot but its all right there on my table and I just grab it and go. In the morning I've been putting on my crossbreed and everything else above and head out for our morning walk. The gun stays on me pretty much all day even though I work from home. The crossbreed is just pretty comfortable to me. It is on my right now.

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