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  1. The problem with some of these points is, sometimes the "training" sucks !

    At least one dept in FL used to, and may still, require all of EIGHT ROUNDS per YEAR to "qualify."

    That's not a level of skill I want to default to.

    So it behooves us to seek out other training and to practice on our own so we can be more sure of our shots, should the need arise.


  3. we have the state 48 required yearly in florida

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    we have the state 48 required yearly in florida
    Not all Departments require that many.

    Evenso, 48 rounds a YEAR isn't "training," it's checking to see where your skill level, or lack of it, is.


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    I just went to the range recently and tried double tap for the first time. It was hard for me at first to sight the second shot. But after 20 mins or so it was better.

    It is still not great but it was grouped within 4 inches of my first shot so I am happy with that. Seeing as my first try was almost 9 inches away from each other.

    One other thing i am trying to work on is shooting with both eyes open. That is really hard for me. Any ideas???

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    While risking the chance of getting flamed because of differences in opinion, I'll ring in on shooting with two eyes. It took me a while to get that straight. I still fall back to one eye once in a while. This method worked best for me. Although I am stating right now that this might not be the best approach or the PROPER approach, but its a method to try. Everytime I had dry fire practice, I would sight in as usual with one eye. I would then squint the other eye open just a bit until my dominant eye started to get confused. I'd hold it at the margin where I could still get a good focus on the sights and do my dry fire practice. You will find with time that you can open the non-dominant eye more and more with each practice. Soon you'll have both open normally, but your brain will have adjusted to the idea. Again, my brain still falls back to old habits, but in straight draw to the eye frame, both eyes stay open almost all the time!!! Good job on the double taps. Its fun to get that stuff workin. I got to where I could put two virtually through the same hole there for a while at defensive distances, but its been a while. HMM guess I need to visit the range some more.
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  7. First, you need to determine which is your dominate eye. It's not always the one you think! I'll presume you've done that already.

    Your dominate eye's image is the one your brain interprets first. If you see double sight pictures, one quick way is to put scotch tape (the frosted kind) over the shooting glass lens of your non-dominant eye. This allows you to keep it open, yet minimize the confusion you might be having over seeing two sets of sights.

    BTW, generally, if you put the two shots nearly touching each other during a 'double tap.' you're probably shooting the second shot too slow.


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