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    Question G36 sights question

    I have stock sights on my G36, and I thought the rule of thumb was to line up the top of the front and rear sites, and place the dot on the intended target. However when the sites of my G36 are lined up like that the dot is partially covered on the bottom by the rear site. It has been shooting a little low and I thought it was just me needing more time on the range with it. This is my first .45 however I have been shooting a G19 for 2 years, the G19 has night sites and it. It seems I need to expose the dot fully when shooting and the grouping will come up a bit. It is a Gen 4, G36

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    Ignore the dot and continue to line up the sites. Practice, practice, practice; A 45 is a big step up from your nine.

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    Thanks, it seems to shoot low left, and from the info. I have seen on the web this is a common shot placement for GLOCK owners who need more range time. I will continue to practice...But it hurts the wallet a little more than my G19

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    Also take into concideration the weight of the projectile that you are shooting a 230 grain ball round will print diffrent then say a 180 grain hollow point as they will have a tendency to leave the barrel faster as far as time lapse in the barrel is concerned and therby print lower on the target. The low left hit's do sound an awfull lot like a trigger pull instead of a squeeze it you are right handed.

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    Low and left is most likely caused by tugging on the trigger. I have had the same problem with my G36 when I get in a hurry. Make sure you are taking the slack out of the trigger-then squeeze.

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