It is easy for instructors to tell their students “do it this way because it works” or “in a real gun fight this will keep you alive” but it is truly hard to “prove” one technique over another. Most established “gun fighting techniques” are taken from combining statistics of what did or did not work in LEO, military and some civilian fights, combining them and then making conclusions…..its really the only way to do it right?

If you could be taught techniques that you could then put into practice and actually “prove” what does and does not work for YOU……in YOUR situation, with YOUR chosen weapons and environments, why would you not do it?

So do you currently train force on force? If so how?

For those that have not done so yet, you might want to look into what force on force training is avaible in your area. Here is an example of what is available if you look around:

July 30th – 31st Force On Force Weekend Bradenton (Tampa/St Pete area) Florida

Course Description:
For reviews pics and videos etc see: Force on Force after class discussion

In this course we address defending yourself while keeping your firearm safe during a physical assault, through transitioning to deadly force. This course is designed to teach close encounter, practical gun fighting skills along with real-time deadly force decision making. This is a progressive building block class that will allow you to combine skills learned during each session into scenario based exercises, using Airsoft Weapons… will be shot and you will be forced to shoot at live opponents (with airsoft weapons)

Day one:
How to carry, draw, defend whilst drawing in real fighting situations from concealed carry. How to physically defend yourself against a close encounter / physical assault while in possession of a firearm. Dealing with single and multiple attackers. How to move around buildings, vehicles, people etc whilst using a firearm.

Plus advanced fighting pistol skills, that are required in REALISTIC fighting environments. Such as engaging a threat at contact range, close quarter to medium range engagement, Movement while fighting, Communication both with threats and with allies, Aggressing and Retreating from a fight (why when, how) .

Day two:
Will be spent in Practical Shooting Drills, Force-On-Force Training and Scenarios. Students will be forced to make fighting decisions against single and multiple threats in dynamic environments. Drills will be conducted indoors, outdoors and using vehicles. This is where we take ALL the skills and drills taught on the fist day and night and put them to practical use. No “time outs”, no “lets start again”, no “do over’s”. Instructors and Students will face off in a series of realistic deadly force scenarios…….How will you fair?

Why FOF Training?
Gives the participant the opportunity to test & evaluate principles/tactics, equipment, physical skills and mental conditioning in a realistic & safe training environment.

Well developed "Force-on-Force" training creates a “reasonable” facsimile of combat. Reactions are tested, stress is produced; specifically stress induced by either pain or the fear of pain. Constant activation of the "Sympathetic Nervous System" through pain or the fear of pain is the key to developing the orientation or "inoculation" to overreaction and improper decision making from a similar type of stimulus.

This training gives the participants the opportunity to take initiative and the responsibility for their actions and what occurs, allows for the analyzing, and questioning of the experience, all while grappling with the dilemmas and contradictions of their actions in a continuing process of evaluating the experience.

Equipment Needed:
All airsoft weapon and facemask can be rented if you do not have your own. $25 for one day $40 for 2 days. Please advise rental needs at time of booking!!!

Personal Airsoft pistol, holster and at least 200 BB's, preferably a replica of your Carry Weapon.

Spare gas, CO2 or batteries or charger for your airsoft gun.

Long sleeve shirt and pair of gloves

Airsoft mask / goggles and Shooting glasses

Ear protection

Change of clothes (you will get dirty)

Knee pads.

Please dress in comfortable street clothes and shoes for each of the classes. Please dress in the type of attire that you would normally wear while carrying your weapon. (but no v necks, no open top shoes)

Please bring all food / snacks you will want to eat during training along with your own cooler and fluids. You WILL need to stay hydrated!. We will not be stopping (other than short breaks or as indicated above and class room sessions) or leaving the location for the duration of the class.

Course Duration:
Class would be a 2 day event with skills / drills and techniques on day one, then day two will be putting said day one skills into practical use, with ongoing scenarios and FOF roll play using airsoft weapons

Course Cost:
Would be $200 for 1 day or $300 for both days training. Credit cards accepted. All Credit card payments must be made in full prior to class.

Book via:
Florida Firearms Training - Home or [email protected]