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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleeyes View Post
    someone told me dry firing is not good for the gun??
    is that true and why ?
    NEVER dryfire a rimfire weapon. Check manufacturer's suggestions on center fire weapons. Some older center fire weapons may suffer damage.

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    I have two sets of snap caps. One gets loaded in the gun, the other in a speed strip or speedloader, since I use both. I practice the draw. presentation , and trigger squeeze. Then I do a reload, and run the cylinder through again. Obviously I am a great fan of the revolver. At no time during the practice will live ammo be in the same part of the house with the firearm, and that way I have avoided the high cost of redecorating any portion of the house, and not angered "management."

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    Buy some good snap caps -- not the plastic ones, they self-destruct in a few months, there are some good aluminum ones out there. Dry firing without snap caps can damage some guns. Know your firearm, consult the owners manual or manufacturer if you're unsure. An S&W model 66 revolver, for example can break the firing by dry firing without snap caps, also similar guns. As mentioned above, NEVER DRY FIRe a rimfire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turkules77 View Post
    If you have a friend, they taught us this drill up at the Sig Academy:

    Stand with your arms outstretched as if you are going to fire with your gun as close to a wall as you can get. Have your friend place a shell casing on top of your pistol. Now try and dry fire your weapon 5 straight times without the shell casing falling off your gun. If it falls, start over until you can do it 5 straight times. Great drill on keeping a steady trigger pull. I don't bother with snap caps, all the instructors including an R and D guy said dry firing will not hurt my Sig.
    I use a coin for this kind of dry-firing. I've passed through it. I am on the stressed, scan, draw then dry-fire exercises. My husband and I timed one another on how fast each of us can draw.
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    If you use snap caps Dry Fire is okay, but some guns should not be dry fired without a mag in the gun.
    Make sure there is an EMPTY mag in the gun when you dry fire with snap caps.
    But shooting at the range is all important so do as much as possible.

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    Def work on drawing your gun and re-holstering. After that, test your grip and feel the trigger pull. Figure out how much it takes to make a double action pull and single action depending on your firearm. By the way what did you end up going with for a carry?

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    i just have my ol browning bda it's kind of hard to conceal being when i bought it i wasn't even thinking of conceal carry and it has a double stack mag holds 13 rounds and one in the chamber so it's not easy to conceal but will do for now. i got my permit in the mail today so i've been holstered up shortly after ..it's comfortable to carry in a crossbreed supertuck style holster on a gun belt which i'm borrowing temporary till i get my own stuff
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