For ammo, Atlanta Arms & Ammo has remanufactured 9mm for $11.50 a box (50). They often run Facebook promotions, and if you mention the code, you get 5-10% off that. This ammo is also Total Copper Jacket (TCJ) in case you shoot at a lead-free range.

I've put 1000+ rounds of this through my XDm and have not had a single failure.

Also, it is tax free if out of state, and if you are prior service, they will also give you free, next day UPS shipping.

I just got an order in this week and paid $10.93 a box for 9mm, no tax, no shipping.

It looks like they make some pretty good stuff - they supply the Glock Shooting Team, USMC Markmanship Team, US Army Shooting Teams, etc.

At Dicks Sporting Goods, they often have 9mm on sale for $11.98 a box. If you spend $50, your receipt will have a survey at the bottom. It takes 3 minutes to do the survey and you can print a $10 off coupon on your next $50 purchase. By buying 4 boxes @ 11.98 ( = $47.92), and throw in a pack of fishing hooks to get you over $50. This brings your cost per box down to the neighborhood of a little over $10. Once you do this, you'll have another survey coupon. Rinse and repeat. There is tax of course.

Once in a great while, Dicks will have 9mm on sale for $9.98 / box. Using the coupon trick, you get it down to just under $8 a box.

For targets, if you are not printing your own, I found some good deals at Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. - Shooting Targets, Paper Targets, Cardboard Targets, Steel Targets, NRA Targets, Plastic Targets, Target Backers, Target Bobbers, Military Targets, Federal Agency Targets, Shooting Range Accessories, Weapons Cleaning, W. I was looking for anatomic targets that show the organs. I was able to get anatomic targets (when ordering 25 or more) for .37 - .45 cents each. They do charge for shipping. I think it was $12 to send a box of 75 targets to me.