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Thread: I would not consider teaching anyone who is not reasonably competent in hand to hand

  1. He's right about needing to be able to fight with your hands; not all fights begin as gunfights. You need to be strong enough to get to your gun. And point shooting? He's right about that, too.

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    Are you really an instructor?

    here is why I'm asking. Your school of learning is really dangerous...if you are teaching people, I would say to STOP doing it. How can you as an instructor do this..How can you sleep at night and say that you have provided good sane information to a person that wants to protect his family or his lov ones.

    You really need a reality check, Yes you are correct that most critical encounters are less than 5ft away.

    Most are less than 2ft. You not wanting to refuse training people that have no combative experience is, I guess a god sent. I would not want to pay for your classes...and also if you have people that have the combative levels you are wanting, well then you will be exposed for the crapy instructor that you are.

    You need to do the following:
    1.- step away from the keyboard.
    2.- drop the cheetos bag.
    3.- put the black ops video game on pause.
    4.- remove the controller from the PS3.
    5.- get the crane to move you to an upright position.
    6.- get an pen and write the address of the place that gave you your instructor credentials.
    7.- put your instructor credentials inside the envelope.
    8.- seal the envelope.
    9.- get your body to the door and open the door to put the envelope in the mail.
    10.- disconnect the computer from the network.
    11.- give the computer to a person that will use it for good.
    12.- Get your toy guns and equipment to the next available office.
    13.- tell the officer to take you in for a psyc. eval.
    14.- Do not give any more advice on defence, firearms or anything of this world.

    PLEASE. Enough is enough.... the people here are looking for good advice. not tacti-cool nonsense.

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    Things that I agree with ONLYPILL

    You need to be able to defend yourself without a firearm.
    You need to be able to point and shooot.
    You need to be able to fight if needed to get a chance to unholster your firearm.

    I do not agree with you.
    not to teach a person how to defend themself unless they have the combatives. that is why they are comming to you.

    You can associate yourself with someone that teaches combatives.

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    you are not putting down Mr Cooper or Applegate. They have different styles. We all hav different ideas and styles and we come from different training ideologies. Same will apply for the current experts like Massab Ayoub, Ron Paul ( just kidding, had to add him in to the mix, hehe). and others of our times.

  6. So what does a paraplegic, or any other person with limiting disabilities, do since they really can't defend themselves very well without a firearm.

    Should they just throw there hands up and receive their beat down?
    I'm not a lawyer so take it for what it's worth. For legal advice ask a lawyer.
    Those who accept second best must learn to live with mediocrity. - pafindr

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    A few seconds and no time to think when an attacker is coming at me? I'd shoot.
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bighouse Doc View Post
    This guy is a troll or mall-ninja cop/SF wannabee!

    I wonder what names he has posted here under before?

    Or a CCW Badge wearer.

  9. Thanks Sgtbill I was a marine too policeman too. I have alot of fun here I hope people can take the posts I put out. most of the time i just post what i think sometime i get hot and blast away.
    I do think we have a lot of smart people here and a few dingbats. I hope but can't tell what I am dingbat or a little smart. but till i get my troll ccw badge from G50AE I will carry on
    Sempi FI!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetiger View Post
    but till i get my troll ccw badge from G50AE I will carry on
    Sempi FI!!!
    It's NavyLCDR who hands those out, not me.

    I practice the ancient Chinese art of Bang - POW.

    Localgirl I dream about ya tell me your single 21 blond female and love old guys in the fiftys with most of their hair. Hey!!! it's my Dream!! so let her tell me!!! LOL Just kidding I get too sleepy to stay out past 930 pm so I am good in dreams not so much in real life. But I am pretty. ask any of my high school team students. just tell me who so i can make then run laps. Go with God and keep your gun oiled.
    I crack me up!LOL
    LOV YA

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