Good pistols, downloads, links & study URL.
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Thread: Good pistols, downloads, links & study URL.

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    Hi USA Carry,
    It is not normally a great idea to post a link to a website (other than this one) that is loaded with pistol links, has downloadable weapons/tactics/gun-maintenance files, basic rifle marksmanship (BRM) and military manuals, FBI papers, videos, pictures, diagrams, tactics and weaponology, etc.
    They also carry a few E-books for sale. So when or if you run out of interesting stuff to find on USA Carry, give these folks a look-see:
    "AIMED Point Shooting or P&S For Self Defense"
    Basic differences: USA Carry is (mainly) about concealed carry & allows posts/patrons/forums/threads. This URL is FYI and not much concern is given to concealing Jack, but plenty of ways to use & fire what you have, tactics heavy.
    You make your own calls on what you find there, all scan clean with a McAfee site checker. Some d/l files are large PDF's.

    Canis-Lupus :bier:
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    Thanks for the post. I will take a look around.
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    Thanks canis
    I just skimmed over a few things there and picked up a couple good tips already. Great site

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    Neat site. Thanks Canis.

    P.S. My wounds are healing very well though I smile like Jimmy Carter now because the upper part of my face doesn't work.
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    Interesting site. Thanks

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    y'all might want to have a look at
    lots of great stuff there as well. and the thread" free training material" listed here as well.:mp230603214320Murde

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