I will be running my last 3-part Defensive Pistol Shooting Course of the Year for our Advance Classes. Rex Applegate Doctrine Developed for USMC Close Protection and South Florida Gun School Doctrine

Advanced Concealed Carry I- Intro to Defensive Pistol Shooting
8 hrs 300 rounds of EDC Ammo Cost $300.00 Including Materials

July 14th

Warrior Mindset
Embracing a Violent Encounter-Physiology and Psychology of a Gun Fight
Color Codes of Awareness
Intro to the OODA Loop and how it fits your life
Drawing From a Holster
Intro to Index Shooting
Intro to Controlling the X
Drawing with movement
Shooting on the move-Time and Distance
Malfunction Drills
Cover and Concealment

Advanced CCW II-Advanced Concealed Weapons Skills

August 11th-8 hrs 500 rounds of EDC $300.00 Including Materials

Review of Advanced CCW I
Advanced Index shooting
Transitioning From Index to flash sight to aimed fire
Multiple Target Acquisition
Shooting on the Move
Advanced standing, kneeling, prone and odd position shooting
Shooting moving targets
Weak hand draws, shooting and hand transitions
Weak Hand reloads
Weak Hand malfunction Drills
360 Threat acquisition
Speed Shooting with trigger reset
Shooting from Cover target solutions
Verbal Situational Control
Aftermath of of a Violent Encounter
Intro to the BUG
Intro to Low Light Shooting

Advanced Concealed Carry III- Kill or Be Killed

September 8th and 9th 600 rounds EDC BUG 200 Rounds $600.00 Including Materials

Review of Advanced CCW I&II
How to use the OODA Loop in a Gunfight
Dynamic firing drills that will use nothing but Gross Motor Skills
Weapons Retention
Very Close Range Shooting
Controlling the Violent Encounter
Multi Attacker Control
Controlling the X- Your Life Depends on It
BUG Carry and Use
Transition from EDC to BUG
Advanced Night Fighting Skills

We will be using the manual that I have written and copies from USMC
CQB manuals. This is an Advanced Training Module. You must take these in sequence regardless of your previous training experience. Certificates from any other training organization will not preclude taking the sequential curriculum.

You must pay $50.00 for a background check or bring a letter from local LEO. A CCW will not suffice.

These classes have skill and written tests that must be passed to go on to the next course.

These courses are not for the faint of heart. You must have a dedication to defensive shooting to pass and move forward. You should have a physical before Advanced III.

Each class will be limited to 10 students and a 5-1 student to instructor ratio.

If you fail a leg, we will offer remedial training at no charge to get you through any module. This is a certificated course doctrine.

You can call me with any questions.
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