spent the day at a great class today
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Thread: spent the day at a great class today

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    Smile spent the day at a great class today

    it started 9 am. ended about 530pm. we learned great tactics on taking a gun from the bad guy at many different positions from front behind and at the head both sides was great too because my son also went to the class and we practiced on each other.....we did same with a rubber knife.......that practice gave me confidence to know i do have a fighting chance if put in that position......as well with the knife scenarios
    we learned some hand to hand tactics and moved on to some fun scenarios with air soft guns they did a car jacking and the best thing to do if a loved one is in the car and if it was just you behind the wheel ..then they did a convenience store scenario where two customers were arguing with the clerk and another gun man comes out of nowwhere.......but i exited the 'store' before the other gun man made his appearance lolz ..then they did a scenario where a man with a gun tries to hold you up at an atm machine ...and another crazy mall scenerio where bullets were flying folks on the ground one pretending she was hurt and when i stopped to see she was ok she tell me call 911 and we were supposed to get to the exit so i was at the exit when the 'victim' shot at me lolz so ya never know who is who when walking in on crazy stuff....good stuff i really enjoyed it and will be looking to take more classes as they offer them with moving targets outside and real guns and ammo next .........so step by step i have to say things are moving along well in my endeavor to carry well effectively and efficiently
    great day for us as my son really liked it too and we both want to take more classes to advance our skills step by step
    this great class was offered by 'fighting chance' they did a great job kudos to them
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    spent the day at a great class today


    I need to look into some similar type classes in my area.
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    Good job e!

    What type of class was it?

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    you won't regret it! it was great hands on experience imo hope you find a good bunch of instructors that put together such a class in your area. i know my son an i will be attending others in the future for certain......they not cheap but i will have a cookie jar set aside for saving money in for continuous training classes as i can afford them and not too far out to drive to. as i think it's important to know that kind of stuff if i'm going to be toting a gun it's good to know when and how to use it well.......as well as having the skill to disarm an attacker and tactics in doing so to the best of your advantage .........fun stuff never thought i'd be walking this path yet here i am and glad to be at this point on my path
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    the class was 'fighting chance' basic self defense and good scenarios for concealed or open carriers to think and act quickly in different situations .......so it was situational and defense class tox4freedom i recommend it to any concealed carriers who have not yet taken such a class
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    Thanks for sharing eagleeyes, I will look into it.
    I agree, someone has to take out the trash....

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    Technon Tachnical has some great classes coming up. The only problem IMO they are geared to a younger group. I'm get to old to keep up with the kids. They are located near Bass pro shop at Griffin and 95. There classes are listed on Face Book.
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    thankz kimbaugh i'll look in to that but i'm an ol fart too lolz but we can learn alot from kids too
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    I was the force on force instructor....Florida Firearms Training - Home.

    Rick Seid was the Hand to Hand instructor...Fighting Chance Programs for Martial Arts Schools

    Glad you liked it Eagleeyes.

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    Sounds like you trained at a good place. You can tell the ones who don't train at at good school. They will be the ones that say things like don't bring a knife to a gun fight. But in the real world at real combat ranges at knife could be a better weapon then a gun. When people ask me about classes I always tell them you have two types of instructors. One will teach you gun handling. He will get them tight groups out of you If just starting out that is the one you need to teach you how to handle a gun. Then the other instructor he will teach you gun fighting their is a big big difference in the two. He don't teach the tight groups His teaching is geared at teaching what you need to do to get the gun or knife in the fight and if all goes right how to kill without getting killed

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