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Thread: Do you carry at the range? Might want to consider it.....

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    I still carry concealed at the range. if I want to shoot my ccw then I conceal another pistol that I won't be shooting that day. I am glad to have people watching over the range and all... but I can't rely on anyone to protect me. I Have to rely on myself for that.
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  3. Responsible and Legal vs. Practical

    Not all ranges are the same, obviously. Indoors, where you stay at your station or move only between your station and a table behind you, is not the same as walking 200 yards downrange to change targets at an outdoor rifle range. So your strategies should not be the same either. It also seems to me that outdoors and all by yourself, you might act with more caution about theft (or worse) than when 2 of your pals are at the range with you. I always carry when i'm not at work - work for Federal Govt in a federal bldg in the next state over and am not LEO - but just about always otherwise. That includes range time, for all the reasons everyone has already listed.

    Carrying a BUG or keeping your primary concealed at the range are both viable strategies as long as it is legal. At the ranges i frequent, either is permitted. But we should be careful here.

    As CCW holders, we all have extra responsibility to know and obey the law. We have chosen to be armed citizens, to protect ourselves and our families,and yes maybe strangers too if need be. So, to advocate ignoring the NO GUNS signs and carry anyway is irresponsible - i say that based on my own state (CT) where property owners have the legal authority to post a sign and ban your guns from their premises. It is a criminal act to knowingly violate those property owner's posted signs (even if you stopped a BG from killing the owner with a well placed shot of your own, he could still have you arrested). If that doesn't apply in Florida, then keep on keepin' on.

    But where it does apply, there is a simple answer - don't carry there, or don't go there. I have been looking for three years, and so far i haven't seen a single sign anywhere in my state or elsewhere, posting a NO GUNS policy - except Federal facilities, etc. - the usual off-limits places. But if i do, i surely will not do business with that company. None of us should. Maybe the sign will come down if they have no business, or have a close call and come to their senses. If i ever find one, i plan to leave them a note as to why i am boycotting.
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    Yes.. I do carry at the range. If in plain clothes it's a concealed Glock 27 IWB holster ready to go. The range I typically visit is an indoor range (well ventilated) and the targets are on a rail system so you do not have to go beyond the firing line to retrieve or view your targets. Oh and it is frequented by other LEO's. Then there is the Sheriff's academy range staffed by armed range officers/instructors who happen to be deputies. They do require all firearms to be unloaded with the slide locked open until ready to shoot. When we go there in July for our annual qualification, we have to unload in the parking lot and carry our firearms with slide locked open in our duty holsters. We have to carry this way until we are on the range and ready to begin shooting. Then there is the FOP range in Pleasant Grove. IT is frequented by Pleasant Grove Police officers.... and I'll tell you what, you wouldn't want to be the BG in a gun fight with one of those officers!! They are VERY good!!! I saw a few of their officers practicing there while visiting one day and all I could say was "Holy Crap"!!! Anyway, the ranges in my neck of the woods seem to be safe. Although I never would let myself become complacent around multiple shooters.

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    I carry to and from the range. I have this thing about carrying several firearms and ammo and having no way to prevent a situation because everything is unloaded. When I get to my shooting lane, I swap out the mag and eject the round in the barrel and put that in my pocket. When it is time to leave, both get re-inserted into the carry piece.
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    Very popular to a non-gun owner to go to an indoor range and rent a gun to commit suicide.

  7. Two weeks ago a guy shot himself at the local outdoor range. His Kel-Tec .32 jammed. He pointed the barrel towards his belly to clear it and it fired. He survived and hopefully learned a lesson.

  8. I dont have to worry about it, not a range within 80 miles of me LOL

  9. The range I go to is in a remote area within the National Forest and "run" by the park service. I carry my S&W .44 as a side arm when I'm there--in additiona to whatever I'm shooting. I carry this peace of mind because who knows what kinds of critters my be roaming the woods and the fact that the other people at the range ain't necessarily nice guys.

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