Do you carry at the range? Might want to consider it.....
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Thread: Do you carry at the range? Might want to consider it.....

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    Do you carry at the range? Might want to consider it.....

    Pastor killed, and firearms stolen while at a West Virginia State shooting range........

    Churches mourn shooting death of Huntington pastor - Huntington, WV -- The Herald-Dispatch
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    Scumb bags every where. This sounds like a real loss to the world.

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    Just another example that you can not view any place as safe. This can happen anywhere anytime.
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    Yup, I carry at the range and do not leave weapon AND ammo together at the bench when I go down range. When I go down range I always have a loaded pistol on my side and either rifle or rifle ammo in hand, even when there is nobody else there.

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    Our prayers are with the family and friends of the pastor.

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    Exclamation I always carry a loaded Sidearm at the range.

    It is a habit i picked up as a Range control officer at the sportfire range in the military. You never know who is going to be at the line while you are checking targets. You never know who is going to snap with the first gun experience and want to turn it on a fellow human being because "it would be cool". You don't know who is not following safety rules when your back is turned even for a split yes I carry at the range. Openly and as accessible as possible.

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    The 2 bad guys in the famous FBI shootout in Florida were known to kill people at gun ranges and take their guns. I always carry when I legally can & I'm outside my home, no exceptions.

  9. There are still issues in Florida. The BG's know that when you go to the range you have to remove your magazine and carry unloaded. There are often times that people forget to reload their weapons when they leave. There have been several incidents where individuals were followed home from the range and their weapons taken from them.

    The first thing that we do when we leave the range is reload. An unloaded weapon is useless.
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    just shows you (preaching to the choir) how a curtain very small percentage of our human race does think and act like wolves. (nothing against real wolves, I think they are very cool) and just consider any of us as meat. I've met through my work true socialistic personalities and they are unemotional and would cut my throat if they had the chance and it bettered them or just for kicks and giggles....mind you most of these animals have family members who will swear on a bible that they are "good boys...just not understood...just needed a break from the goverment...more education,...more chances for work....where addicted to drugs........
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    I carry going into the range, then load the one not being carried, and so after I shoot one series of magazines, I reload at least one magazine before shooting from the other gun. That way, I'm never out on either one at the same time. As I pretty much stay in the same spot while at the range, there's no need to literally carry it around.

    Getting shot at the gun range would be bad, one would give a second thought to the sound of gunshots, until someone else goes in there.
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