I will allow anyone in class. I had a gentleman in a class, a dynamic force on force class no less, that lives in a motorized wheelchair. Only one hand works. We worked with him personally a bit and developed a solid system that he could use (all it took was seeing what he could actually do as opposed to waht he could not do).

This was a force on force class so I grabbed up a big corn-fed state trooper, gave him a big rubber knife and told him to run the wheelchair guy down and stab him. Well, not only did the wheelchair guy move his chair off the line of attack quickly (so quickly that the trooper face planted in an attempt to reach him), but he drew his Airsoft XD and shot him to the ground as the class cheered.

Another time, I had a gent come to class with only one finger on each hand and (I found out later) a plastic leg. This was a Kalashnikov Rifle class and he kept up even though the pace was a fast and hard one. Funny thing, after seeing him work his reloads, nobody complained about the heat, or the sharp edges on their AKs.

If you guys out there with a physical hardship want to come and learn how to fight....really fight instead of stand on a "tactical" range and target shoot from some shooting stance, give me a call. You'll be surprised what I can teach you to do.

Gabe Suarez
Suarez International