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    Practice log

    I took another tactical handgun class this weekend and one of the guys in the class was talking about his training/practice logs. It sounds like a good way to keep track of how much you practice and how many rounds you have shot through each of your firearms. How many of you keep such a log?
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    I have never done that but I am sure it would be a good idea. Would show that I have not been enough.
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    My idea is a reload log. One log with info on multiple guns.

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    I keep a log with the following information for each of my weapons.
    Serial #

    Rounds fired

    This allows me to keep track of round count for each of my weapons as well as any misc information I might want to put into the “Notes” field. I have one sheet for each weapon in a simple Excel workbook. Not fancy, but it does what I need.

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