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    Do the simunitions fire from your carry gun, or is a modified gun required?
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    Well, the actual air-soft gun or green gas gun is an entirely separate and unique training aid/gun. It's replicates the actual firearm, so you should still be able to use your existing holster, but it's a green gas gun unto itself.

    Other simulators are available that either replace an actual gun's barrel, or insert into the actual gun's barrel (LMTS for example) but those are different training simulators all together than the airsoft/green gas training guns, and generally more expensive too. Those simulators (LMTS) use a combination of infrared light and receptors (some computerized, some stand-alones) and record "hits" accordingly. However, because they only "click" through the the gun's function, there is no blow-back or recoil or simulated "firing" beyond the "click" of the trigger mechanism which actuates the 'firing' of the infrared beam, which results in immediate feed-back on the infrared receptor. Generally speaking.

    If you've got a training budget like the Army's, LMTS DOES provided specialized "blank ammo" and specialized uppers for M16/M4, and even ammo and "blank barrels" for M249's, so then you can use LMTS for training AND get the full functionality of the weapon system - which is outstanding training. I used to run LMTS courses for light machinegun and "fire" inside a warehouse. No environmental considerations, moderate hearing protection was used, and the training was great. A similar system was available for the M9, but again - we're talking Army training budget. I don't know how many "regular Joe's" could afford the Blazer uppers for the M-16, or the blank barrel for an M249, let alone the specialized blank ammo.

    It's a far cry from the old crappy blank adapters and blank ammo that may or may not function through a weapon system on any given day.
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  4. Airsoft type training pistols

    As soon as Airsoft or other manufacturer brings out a replica of the XD-45, I will buy one and get in more practice time. I can see where it would be very helpful. The San Diego SWAT team practices, or did, in an old newspaper building downtwon, and they use special simunitions that consist of a wax bullet or paintball that is fired from their regular weapons. You can look in the windows of the building and see all the red splats on the walls. I have seen Airsoft war games, where the participants have to be dressed in authentic combat gear. They are ruled dead if the pellet strikes any piece of their gear. I can't agree with that. because if you are a soldier and a round hits your canteen, it doesn't kill you. Like our combat in the SCA, hits are based on the honor system, in that the one being hit determines how he was hit. we have people who try what we call 'rhino-hiding.' This is where a combatant gets touched with a weapon, and does not acknowledge the hit. The next hit they get from the same opponent leaves no doubt that they were hit. Rhino-hiders quickly give up that practice.
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  5. Here's a link to info on a cheap and EZ to make BB trap for in home or in garage use:

    An EZ To Make Airsoft BB Trap

    Here's a link to an EZ to make pop can holder (made from a wire clothes hanger). It is sort of in the shape of a Z onto which pop cans can be threaded by their pull tabs. The cans in two rows of 4 ( one on top of the other), move individually when hit.

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    I've been playing airsoft for over 2 years now. I think that airsoft guns can be a very valuable training tool. When we go play they give all of the standard safety briefing that they would give people at a real range, and everyone treats the guns like they're loaded. I think that they're great for teaching a variety of things, from weapons handling, retention, mostly anything can be practiced with an airsoft gun. While of course nothing beats a real weapon for training these can be used with little fear of large collateral damage as such with simunitions. Although airsoft lacks the variety of real steel firearms as there are many popular guns out there that have yet to be made into airsoft version, hopefully airsoft can catch on and fill a niche between the red/blue guns and simunitions. Besides they are actually fun to shoot.

  7. Anybody care to recommend me one? 1911, preferably commander size (carry is a Para LTC) or compact (alternate carry is a Springfield EMP)?


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    Run a google search for 1911 Airsoft, quite a few hits will come up.

    Look for a pistol that is Metal, Blowback and Gas powered with a removable magazine (as opposed to spring). They should run between $100 & $150. Look for one that most closely resembles your pistol if exact model copies of your pistols are not available.

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    KWA makes a series of gas guns that were designed just for tactical training. They are called the professional training pistol. Currently they only make two models in that series one being the 1911. KWA is one of the finest gas pistol manufacturer out there. Some guys in the UK actually blew up a KWA airsoft glock to see if it could withstand the abuse that real glocks were tested with and the gun still fired. Also you can look at WE-Tech they almost exclusively focus on 1911 series pistols, they make about 20 different varieties and there are plenty of aftermarket parts that are available for them, just as like for the KWA. Neither of these series of weapons should run you more than $175 with an extra magazine

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    Here's a great source for all your green-gas/airsoft needs, to include blow-back and non-blow-back air pistols (and rifles).

    Due to the ammunition crunch, I'll soon be promoting Green Gas Intermediate and Tactcial Pistol courses, with only a fraction of the training requiring live ammo. Of course, at the Tactical level, Force on Force is made possible with these training aids.

    I like this site because they offer choices for a variety of budgets.

    Airsoft Guns Free Shipping on airsoft rifles, pistols, spring, electric, Soft Air Gun - Airsplat
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    I did the research on Simunitions and it looks great but the draw back in comparison to airsoft bb style are

    - PRICEY FIREARMS...not cheap at all
    - PRICEY AMMO...far more expensive than airsoft plastic bb's
    - PRICEY GEAR...simunition is the closest thing to live fire and you have to have really good protective gear DESIGNED for Simunition ammo.
    - PRICEY SHIPPING...not to mention its considered a FIREARM rather than a "toy gun" and if I recall you must use FFL rather than just regular USPS
    - PRICEY VENUE...if your not outdoors you better have some good insurance will make BIG holes in walls.

    I was gung ho for Simunitions but in comparison I can create a very inexpensive indoor training facility to mimic home invasion training, house breaches and of course if your lucky you can sweep up the ammo and reuse if not for your pistols then for the "GRENADES" that airsoft companies sell!!!

    Airsoft offers safer and more economical training with similar results in that you will feel a hit so that there are "consequences to actions".

    Minimal safety gear is needed if your using plastic bb's and with that you may even have the ability (with parental permission) to train teens along with adults seeing as many are into competitive why not defensive shooting as well?

    My $20 on the subject.

    I do have one question though...opinions on battery or gas powered airsoft? Pro's and con's?

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