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Thread: So you OC/CC, now how many rounds are you putting down range to keep proficient?

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    I run through an array of dry fire practices several times a week lasting no more than 15 minutes. I also visit the range once every two months, going through 25- 50 rounds depending on how well I'm shooting. A few times a year I try my hand at IDPA matches. It's a good way to break the monotony of dry fire and range trips.

    I carry in condition 2, so I practice DA shots a lot.

  3. A range trip for me is 200 rounds minimum for all my carry guns, at least once a month- more often if I can pull the scheduling. On the range trips, I regularly practice off hand and strong hand, one handed and two handed with all guns in my normal carry rotation and throw in at least 50 rounds of instinctive firing from the hip with both hands with the primary carry gun to keep the rust from sitting in. If I'm going to prepare for a competition, then add the ammo I'm firing for that practice session to the total. I shoot on a private club range that has 50 yard deep bays set up for shooting on the move (lateral, forward and backward if you have the bay to yourself or there's a group that wants to practice that way) and multiple target drills along with a bay where we can shoot out to 350yards where you can shoot your rifles or stretch out your handgun shooting. Most of my shooting nowadays is on steel and/or reactive targets (gongs, falling plates, knockdowns,...). I run dry fire drills with each of my carry guns at least once a week. Good thing I reload and cast bullets or I'd never afford to get to shoot even half as much as I do.

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