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Thread: Advice for bifocal wearers?

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    Get trifocals instead of bifocals. Works great for me.
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    Quite a few years ago I was wearing bifocals. and having vision problems. I went to a doctor and found out I had Type II Diabetes. After taking some medication (Pills) I got it under control. Guess what? my vision changed again. Now I wear reading glasses and can see a bird land in a tree a mile away. I no longer need glasses for driving, shooting pistols, shotguns or rifles. Good thing to note: an eye doctor can spot diabetes on an eye exam. Might be a good thing to look into, especially if you have it in the family or are over 50.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejirgens View Post
    Any advice for the over 45 age group, specifically those of us who wear bifocals? Either the target is blurry, or the handgun sights are, can't see both clearly anymore...getting old sucks.
    Get yourself a green laser sight. They cost, so be ready for the sticker shock, but they're worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maestromsv View Post
    I'm mid 50's and wear multi-focal contact lenses, if you go that route, ask your doctor about them. I can use regular shooting glasses. Or the progressive lenses for glasses are my back ups.

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    I have had those too since 2007. They warned me most people can't tolerate them and when I Tossed them in stood up no said these are allright everybody in the office stopped what they were doing and looked at me. I guess folks who more than tolerate them at first are very rare. Try them no see how they go for you is all I can say.
    One word of warning beware of the depth perception issues in black dark areas coming up on things like stoplights. The first time I wore mine at night going to work I pulled up to a stoplight with nobody around in the middle of nowhere and thought I was doing under 5 almost stopped when I was still going 20 miles an hour. I guess in that regard they take a bit to get used to but that goes by fast you just have to keep it in mind as every now and then your depth perception gets a little out of sorts when you're in a very black area coming up on bright lights. I wouldn't let it scare me away though.
    Of course as with all things you got to give something up for this so you're going to lose a little bit of that perfect distant vision and I find that reading isn't a lot of fun wearing them. Fine For. for just looking and reading everyday things but if you're going to sit down with a book at night you're better off with glasses. Reading I ok but the way I'm set up it just seems to take a bit of effort that tires me a bit.
    When it comes to shooting I do just fine no major loss anywhere. I do sort of have mine tuned more for distance than close up though and a lot of what you get out of this is seems to depend on how you dial it in. Much like setting that timing and spark advance on your old Camaro with the big cam back in the day. Make the optometrist is aware you shoot , which eye you use ect and try to find an optometrist who has experience with multi focals.
    That's my experience with them. Check them out and see how they go for you. Oh FYI my eyes run around 20-60 distant and I use 1.25 a 1..50 readers which isn't so terrible either way. That may be why I can use these things so well but that's just my thoughts. Surely an optometrist can fill you in further. Good luck to anyone like me who just hates glasses.

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