Advice for bifocal wearers?
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Thread: Advice for bifocal wearers?

  1. Advice for bifocal wearers?

    Any advice for the over 45 age group, specifically those of us who wear bifocals? Either the target is blurry, or the handgun sights are, can't see both clearly anymore...getting old sucks.

  3. I gave up my Bifocals and have moved to a product called Varilux. I think some people call them No Line Bifocals. They are much more than that. The smoothly transition your vision without focal breaks.

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    I use progressive lenses, which pretty much solves the issue of bifocals. I just lift my chin a little, and the front sight is in focus.. or I look over the glasses and just shoot without them.
    I also have magnetic clip-ons that allow me to use mirrored sunglass lenses on my Rx glasses, or Yellow shooting lenses. Since the lenses in my glasses are polycarbonate, they also work as safety glasses.
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    I had glasses made that put the bifocal at the top of my left lens. I'm right handed & left eye dominant. So now the front sight is in focus without having to tilt my head up.

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    Trifocals worked for me. Here the arm's-length middle lens gives me perfect focus on the sites.

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    I call the eye doctor I am 52 and had this problem. He made me up a pair of shooters glasses. He asked me to come in with my handgun and measured pupil to front sight. He designer glasses so that when I naturally look down my barrel with my head tilt that it would be in focus. Meaning the front sight is completely clear.

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  8. Trifocals

    If it is for range use only, Brownells sells stick on lenses that you can stick on to your glasses.

  9. I'm mid 50's and wear multi-focal contact lenses, if you go that route, ask your doctor about them. I can use regular shooting glasses. Or the progressive lenses for glasses are my back ups.

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  10. I have the same problem, for the range I use my glasses so I can see the sights and have some blur to the target.For self defence I use a crimson trace lazer grip on my handgun.

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    Had a special pair of glasses made. the Right lens is dialed in for the front sight.
    The Left Lens is dialed in for infinity.
    works great for bulls eye shooting and trap too.
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