Sig P226 9mm Range Report
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  1. Sig P226 9mm Range Report

    Took my new pistol to the range today and it performed flawlessly. I ran 200 rounds of Blazer Brass 115gr FTX and 1 single magazine of Hornady Critical Duty 135gr +P (too expensive to shoot anymore than that). Not one single FTF or any other malfunction. As it has been said about this pistol many times, it's more accurate than I am. Great grouping, I just need to get used to aiming with sight picture 3. Can't wait to take it out again!

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    Nice! You'll never get tired of it I think.

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    My First Sig was the P226 Blackwater. Really pleased with it as well.
    I know you'll really enjoy shooting it.

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    I also have a Sig P226 (and several variations such as the MK-25, etc.) and they all work flawlessly. Actually, they make me look like a better shooter than I am. Enjoy!

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