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  1. I don't think anyone could ever answer a question better than that video.... that dude was awsome... everything makes so much more sense now

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    Learn to shoot with both open. Very important in self-defense to not close an eye. Keep your peripheral vision open to eliminate a blind side.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by telpinaro View Post
    I'm very cross-eye dominant (the different contact prescription in each eye is pretty significant); I shoot right handed and I use my left eye. No fancy method, I just close my right eye and shoot! Never an issue.

    pistol-training.com Blog Archive Cross-Dominance: The Non-Issue
    I am so glad I found this thread.

    I haven't shot in years and just went to try it again because I would like to get my CCW. I too wear contact lenses and my right eye prescription is for far vision and my left for close up.

    I am right hand and right eye dominate but when using my right eye the sites were very blurry, while the target was clear. My shorts were off. Then I tried my left eye which allowed me to see the sights clearly, but the target was blurry. However, my shot placement was much better. I even tried both eyes but shooting with the left worked the best.

    What I didn't realize I was doing wrong was moving the gun to line up with my left eye rather than canting my head to line my left eye up with the gun sights. I see this is important because you want your wrist to remain straight to help with the recoil, which wasn't happening when I moved my arms to line up the gun with my left eye.

    I shot pretty well but knowing this, the next time I will do even better.

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