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    I have pistols with manual safeties... I have pistols with decockers....
    I have pistols that are just point and shoot and I carry them all, in any order of rotation I choose.
    I am very familiar with my manual at arms for all weapons described so while it's a nice thought, I'll continue to do what I choose to do and that works best for me... Thanks though..

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    I place my weak hand's ( left ) index finger on the front of the trigger guard.

    It allows for better leverage on the gun, less muzzle flip, faster follow up shots and more accurate.

    Been doing it that way for over 35 years. ( I'm 52yo, do the math ).

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    I wouldn't want to make that a habit because I also shoot revolvers, mainly single actions.

    If I wrapped my finger around the front of the trigger guard it would burn my knuckle due to the blast from the gap between the cylinder and the forcing cone of the barrel.

    Larger calibers have considerable blast and some actually burn the top strap. Frame cutting was a major problem for the Ruger .357 Maximum from around 1979 and production was stopped in the early eighties.

    Automatic-only shooters would not have this problem.
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