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  1. License Waiting time?

    Anyone know what the average length is from the day you apply at sheriff office to actually receiving your cc license in OHIO???? My record is squeaky clean...a window tint ticket is all I've had! Is it 2 weeks? 4 weeks?....10 weeks?

  3. Mine was 6- 8 Weeks. We got it in 8 other counties take even longer. This was in Ohio

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  4. It took mine only 2 days in Montgomery county.

  5. Your best source of information is the sheriff of the county in which you applied. Depending on the number of applications and staffing it may vary from county to county. The state law states the sheriff shall issue in 45 days. It does list exceptions.


    (1) Except as provided in division (D)(3) of this section, within forty-five days after a sheriff's receipt of an applicant's completed application form for a concealed handgun license under this section, the supporting documentation, and, if not waived, the license fee, the sheriff shall make available through the law enforcement automated data system in accordance with division (H) of this section the information described in that division and, upon making the information available through the system, shall issue to the applicant a concealed handgun license that shall expire as described in division (D)(2)(a) of this section if all of the following apply:
    Lawriter - ORC - 2923.125 Application and licensing process.

    You should be familiar with your state laws regarding concealed carry and self defense.

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    My CCW license took 6 days to get, including the weekend. Went to the Tuscarawas County Sheriff's office to turn in my application on Friday around 10am. Got the call the following Thursday around noon that it was ready to pick up. The deputy who took my application, fingerprints, picture, etc... told me that it could run anywhere from one week to three weeks on average to get it. 6 days made me pretty happy...


  7. License Waiting time?

    Mine wasa week in Lorain cry

  8. Your lucky that where I got mine

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