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    As far as a "shoot or don't shoot" course, this is right in your house.

    Dry fire only though.

    Clear each room and the bad guy is the "light switch" or "plug outlet".
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    Can you find some woods, such as a national or state park? This might be where a blue gun would come in handy. There are plenty of areas out there that make natural obstacle courses.

    Your yard may also be useful, depending on how you use it. If you have an alert cat or dog, wait until they're asleep and attempt to complete a series of noisy tasks in their immediate proximity, without waking them. This will improve your ability to move silently, and won't take up much space because you'll need to move slowly. Tripwires with jingle bells will help to impede your ability to move without making noises.

    For more fun, have a friend set the wires up and then you do the course blindfolded. Tie an arm back to simulate an injury or tie your feet together, etc. The possibilities are endless.
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  4. Obstacle course

    I commend you for your ambition. In Arizona, I used to compete in Combat shooting matches each weekend at the local rifle range. he courses of fire were set by thee outfit who sponored the shoots, and they simulated police shooting scenarios, mainly. It was good camaraderie and helped keep shooting skills in shape.

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    somewhere in north texas

    thanks everybody!!

    my mother in law inherited some property and i can go there and play in the woods a little. but i am going to utilize the backyard also. thanks for the ideas. tough times are coming and i will be ready. and this is fun, especially when no one is.... motivating you in proper, efficient ,military manner. or using live fire like my academy instructor!

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