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    Cool Handguns that Self Load?

    So I ran across this video from TheFireArmGuy (see below) and wanted to make sure that this is not going to start yet another Internet gun myth. What this video is talking about is not a design feature of a handgun. Instead, this is rather a side effect of its normal operation. If you have a polymer gun and haven't experienced it yet, then you simply do not train/practice enough/right. The video is about the fact that sometimes, when you slam a new magazine into a handgun, the slide will release. Slamming the magazine into the gun can flex or jolt it enough to release the slide stop lever. It is not guaranteed that there will be a round chambered. This can also produce a malfunction, as it did in this video. Good instructors teach you to rack the slide anyway (without pausing to think about the fact that the slide closed while slamming the magazine in), even if that means wasting a round. Watch the James Yeager video on why racking the slide anyway and the John Farnam video on why not pausing.

    Handguns that Self Load - Does Yours? - TheFireArmGuy

    James Yeager | How to Reload Your Pistol and Rifle - Part 3 of 3 - But...But My Slide Goes Forward "Automatically"

    John Farnam on W. I. N.
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    My G22 started doing that until I replaced the slide release spring and lever. Granted it has sent over 10k rounds down range after many years of service before it happened.
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    I have two semi-auto's that self-load if I insert the magazine to hard. But, I have not experienced a jam with either gun.

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