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Thread: What Does Slice The Pie Mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by {TEX**Hawaii(( View Post
    Slice the pie? I thought that's what I did today after the pumpkin pie was ready for consumption....
    That beats cut the cheese.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khicks View Post
    i my be a little out of touch with some of the slang that is used here. so what does it mean to (slice the pie)
    Thanks for explaining that HK.

    Khicks if you can find any tactical response or clint smith video's they demonstrate and walk you through how to slice the pie. They are really good video. Hopefully soon I can take one of their fighting pistol or carbine classes.

    I can not get on utube at work but I'm sure they have some of the videos there.
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    i have done it for real also.

    the pucker factor is huge. the place was a dope dealer's domicile.intel was old and was empty, but we didn't know it going in. i was the rear guard man in the stack and also to fix things if things got unstuck. in this case we kicked the door in and moved our butts fast.hated the closets though.

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