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    The VP-70 pistol has a stock that attaches to the grip of the pistol. Therre is a tongue which fits in a slot in the backstrap of the pistol. When the stock is in place, the pistol fires in three-shot bursts. It is not terribly difficult to build a pistol to do this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wuzfuz View Post
    I was under the impression that you could not legally attach a stock to a pistol.
    if the barrel is under 16 inches long at the time of attaching a stock it is in ATF rules, then it is a SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) regardless of caliber... because it doesn't meet minimum barrel length or overall length that's required by ATF for a rifle (it's a rifle because they classify one as a weapon designed to be fired from the shoulder)...

    i was thinking of getting a glock 19 with 33 round mags with a stock and registering it as a SBR... but it doesn't seem to be worth it to me financially...
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    i have had some experance with a uzi in the long barrel semi mode and the full auto open bolt design they both work very well and very accurett comepaired to a pistol, 100 yd shooting with the semi you can put every round inside a 9inch pie plate with open sights as fast as you pull the trigger with little or no recoil because of the weight of the uzi ,shots out to 200yds can be done but the bullets spread out a little more around 12 inches or so, good enought to do the job for defence.open bolt full auto the weight of the heavy bolt comes into play as it slams forward along with the short barrel cuts the accurcey down some but still good enought at 100yds to do the job for defence and hit your target ,full auto in a uzi you can still hold it on your target and empty the whole mag if you wanted to, because of the weight it doesnt climb or become uncontrolable the bullet group just gets a little bigger.they used to make sub machine gun ammo thats much hotter then standard pistol ammo of today used by the military during ww2 and after,makeing the smg a much more powerfull round ,i experamented makeing some and came up with handloads that could excede over 2000 fps in a 16in barrel with a 9mm round with compressed loads makeing it a much better round ,the only thing i dont like besides the weight is the medal folding stock its tough of the cheek for aiming and really cold in cold weather maybe why when they fiirst came out they had wood stocks which would be more confortable to shoot with.dont think a ak has anything over a uzi when it comes to being tough and taking what ever you can throw at it.

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