Good introductory tactical instructor in PHX area?
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Thread: Good introductory tactical instructor in PHX area?

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    Good introductory tactical instructor in PHX area?

    The lack of funds limit the ability to just go to Gunsite for the 250 class ($1500+), so I have to look at some other possibilities.

    So, I'm open to suggestions about good instructors to start me out with 2 hours of basic "drawing from concealment" drawstroke 101, so-to-speak.

    I am comfortable with handgun hunting, and have decent handling/shooting skills with a pistol, just NO real tactical experience drawing from concealment. Anyone know a good tactical instructor in PHX area?

    I feel it is very important to start the training of the difficult task of drawing/presentation with the best instruction I can afford!
    I just can't afford the whole $1500 class for awhile, and still want to get started on correct muscle memory training somehow.
    So, I'm thinking of instruction in the correct dry fire drills...from concealment.
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