Practical Movement Drills on Static Target Range
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Thread: Practical Movement Drills on Static Target Range

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    Practical Movement Drills on Static Target Range

    Back in Oct 2008, a bunch of Lieutenants/instructors where I work went through some pretty cool tactcial handgun training.

    (At You Tube you search "USNSTA" and you can see a lot more of the Ft. Huachuca USNSTA drills.)

    The video links here show me "training on the move" but each time I encountered magazine failures of some degree. One was a catastrophic magaizine failure, when the floorplate snapped off, all my rounds poured out with the spring and follower, and then during emergency reload (while still moving) I hade to then remove the box magazine body which was still in the well. The video didn't capture my exclamation at yet ANOTHER magazine failure during training - but my comment wouldn't have been family friendly to say the least. (The rest of the coaches started talking about my "jinx" with bad mags, and I had to wonder.)

    The point of these drills was to drive home the point that movement is a crucial part of training and surviving a gun battle, but also that an equipment issue doesn't necessarily mean you lose. Also, just because the static target range means the targets don't move doesn't mean the shooter has to stand still.

    Fixing it in the fight – catastrophic mag failure
    YouTube - USNSTA Huachuca Fixing it in the fight drill

    GunFightDrill#3 – mag failure
    YouTube - USNSTA Huachuca Gun Fight Drill 3

    IC Drill #1
    YouTube - USNSTA Huachuca IC Drill 1

    These are just some of the training exercises I have my students run through during various levels of handgun training. And the ground fighting exercises begin with the shooter "falling" from a crouched position(for training purposes only). In actuality, the impact with the ground would be from standing, in case you're wondering what all the squatting and crouching is about.
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