physical training?
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Thread: physical training?

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    Red face physical training?

    what kinds of P.T. do you guys do? at the moment, the only p.t. i get is at work.

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    Chasing grandchild.

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    I used to study Karate and Aikido.Then I started doing pretty steady and heavy workouts at a health club. But now that I am an Olde Phart with a bad back (handicap card) and an anyerism. I know am limited to exercise in the water so I take Ai chi, (Like Tai Chi except in a pool.) water aerobics, and arthritis exercise class also in the pool.

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    somewhere in north texas

    Red face my problem....

    is the family has a crazy schedule, but i believe i have solved it {for the most part** i am having yet another bout with gout. just got over one last week. sort of. i am going to do a aerobic circuit and weapons training 3 days a week and martial arts/ combat training on two days a week. 90 minutes a day. if i can get over this gout. i read some great articles by a former lawman named jim wagner. sheepdogs need to be in the best shape possible. but ya know what? getting older is a pain in the ....foot.

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    I walk to the car at least twice a day. I'm religious about it...never miss a day! Also, whenever I find myself loaded with excess energy, I get up from my desk at work and walk around a bit. Drains it right off!

    Training regimens like this have made me the man I am today!
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    I do coffee cup lifts. Sometimes hundreds of reps per day. You'd be amazed if you saw see my biceps. (I'd be amazed if I saw my biceps)
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    I walk my dog.

    In wintertime, I go snowboarding several times a week! But that's only for the time that there's snow.

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    A couple of years ago I was consistently using my Crossbow. (Not the weapon. It's like a bowflex). Then I started hurting my shoulder by not warming up enough. I haven't done much of anything since then except work around my property. I have been thinking lately I need to get back to the Crossbow. At the very least I could do some pushups every morning. In fact I think I'll do some now.

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    Here is a suggestion for working into an exercise program.

    First get a 5 pound potato bag. Lift the bag over you head doing 10 repetitions twice a day.

    After you get comfortable with the 5 pound bag go to a 10 pound potato bag.

    Once you can handle that without too much difficulty go back to the 5 pound potato bag. This time put in one potato and repeat.


  11. As you see many of us are broken warriors. We can still shoot. My walker will have a rifle rack on it,And who but the handicapped are prime hits for crime. My friend carries a 357 in his wheel chair.

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