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    +1 on leather. Sometimes kydex.
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    i prefer leather, i cant explain the science maybe it is the fitting to my belt or what ever but my draw times using a nice galco leather holster just cant compete when i used my kydex holster the thing i think it is is that leather is more tolerable to varying draw angles you are not a robot your draw angle will vary slightly, a kydex is alot less tolerable being rigid. and nylon just is cheap and bulky i agree with the other post. also this may sound like bs if you have a nice leather holster ie galco the LEO's for seem reason get this instant impression this guy might know what hes doing maybe we shouldnt bother him as long. you use and uncle mikes they will pester the hell out of you... that is if you are ever pulled over and disarmed or stoped and quesitoned for some reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pele View Post
    I really don't like leather. It's too natural, too luxurious.

    It's why I don't like natural grips on guns or wooden furniture on my AK. I like cold industrial plastic and steel.

    What about this Kindex stuff? Someone was telling me about it, but I can't find it online. Maybe I'm spelling it wrong...

    Kindorf? No, that's a type of bracket...
    Knipex? No, that's a brand of pliers...

    It sounds like that, but I can't place the word.
    Do you mean "Kydex"?

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    I use Kydex. I make my own and I love the way Kydex forms around a firearm. My IWB tuckable holster works great for CC. It does take a little to get use to the Kydex holsters but once you do they conceal great.
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