I was at the range the other day...
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Thread: I was at the range the other day...

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    I was at the range the other day...

    ...and borrowed a friends Glock.

    It kept having stoppages...wasn't properly ejecting the casings.

    It's kind of hard to explain, so i took a picture...

    Any Ideas?
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    It looks like you weren't holding the grip tight enough. Some of the ejection energy was diverted from the slide to your wrist, causing the hangup. Cleaning under the ejector might help too. But for all I know, you might be trying to put too big a round in the gun, causing a blockage. Doesn't look like that barrel can handle much more pressure. The blue thing might pop off.
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    It's the damed tuna fish on the lid

  5. You forgot to "burp" the lid! :D

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    I thought Glucks were working pretty good after HiPoint improved their design! I guess I was wrong...
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    I think it needs cleaning.
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    I don't know, it looks pretty clean to me - and I can't imaging it even firing if it wasn't burped first (you know how picky those Blocks are). I would have to say that I think it comes back to the fact that it's entirely made of plastic - I mean, you could carry that thing through a metal detector and no one would say a thing. I think you might want to tell your friend to consider a Springfield XD as a replacement, you know... a real gun. ;)
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    Did you lubricate it prior or after you burped it. If it was properly lubricated I have to agree that it is the plastic in it's design. :D

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    Are you using HIGH cap mags .

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Are you using HIGH cap mags .
    Should be FULL CAPACITY mags.

    spc ;)

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