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Thread: Spare mag...bullets facing forward or rearward?

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    Quote Originally Posted by E6BLASTER View Post
    KIMBERPB, your methode is the one taught to me when I was working in Iraq. I was army working with the SEALS. I was doing just tho opposite as you. They showed me how they do it. It was much faster and easier to hit the mag well. The only way I carry the mags now!
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    It's a personal preference thing. I shoot USPSA and IDPA, and pretty much everyone carries the spare mags bullets facing forwards. Look at how fast the best guys can reload and you may want to switch the way you carry. But Ive seen video's from "SD experts" carrying with bullets facing backwards and explained why he preferred it. Do whatever you feel comfortable with and practice until you can do it without any thought

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    Bullets forward for me. When I grab my reload mag my index finger rests on the pouch when I pull up my index finger covers the nose of the bullet making sure it hasn't moved out of position and jam up the reload.

    To each their own.

    You might want to check out this video

    YouTube - Fast Pistol Reloading

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfcc View Post
    Since I've been licensed to carry, I've been carrying my spare mags for 18 yrs or so now with bullets facing rearward (on my left side). That is, I insert mags into pouch with the front of the bullets facing in a reaward direction. This seems completely natural....for instance, I'm shooting right handed, empty the mag, slide locks back, release mag and rotate gun slightly rightward so mag well facing left, and with a karate chop motion, swing left hand down so that index finger wraps around front of baseplate of magazine and thumb on back, bring straight up with elbow along body and right up into the mag well. However, I was recently shopping for a new holster and mag pouch combo at Milt Sparks (as well as some other holster manufacturers) and many of their pouches are bullets forward design. I just can't seem to get my head around, how it is beneficial to carry spare mags this way and waste the motion of swinging your palm outward as you come down the left side of your body, causing your elbow to flail outward, away from your body and then in a motion, like you're flipping flapjacks, bring the magazine up for presentation to the mag well. If anyone can explain why this is better than the way I currently carry in bullets backward fashion, please explain. Any videos that folks might have of either method, would be helpful as well. Thanks everyone!
    Yeah that's how I carry spare mags when I use a belt holster. I also do the same when using my preferred carry method, the Galco Miami Clasic Shoulder holster.

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    I have always faced the rounds forward.I just reach down with my left hand and grab the top of the mag with 2 or 3 fingers,pull up and 'pop' it in place.Pretty similar now,with rounds facing down and magazine forward in horizontal holster.Pretty fast to.
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    Bullets facing the front, left side, pistol Glock19. Left hand drops knuckles facing front, a natural movement, your hand just drops.

    Your left hand trigger finger, lies along front of magazine, below the bullet, pistol has dropped to center of chest, empty mag well tipped to the left. Your whole hand grips magazine, very solid hold. Back of magazine hits back of the mag well, rocks in, seats, left hand just rolls around the grip into a two handed grip, punch gun forward, press trigger!

    Mostly the slide closes on a Glock when you smash magazine home, or my strong hand thumb mashes down on extended slide lock? Happens quick, not sure what I do sometimes!

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    Index finger on the front of the mag, allows you to guide into the gun without looking.


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    Bullets facing in a rearward direction 100% of the time.

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    I had to check my mag holder to see which way mine actually were facing....I have them facing forward, just seemed natural to do it that way I guess.

  11. In the Pistol classes I have taken the instructor's mantra was "bullets toward the belly-button" -- that is the way we practiced, so it has become natural for me. Whether you carry your extra mags facing forward or back, the most important thing, of course, is to always stage the extra mags the same way so you can reload without hesitation.

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