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    My wife and I are coming to Hawaii for an extended vacation in January. We're not the typical tourists that stay in the hotel and on the beach; we like to get out in the country; see some out of the way places; do some hiking. I have a CCL, never go out unarmed, and wanted to bring my hand gun to Hawaii. So I checked reciprocity, here in Texas, and yes, we honor HI CCL's, but guess what? Hawaii DOES NOT HONOR ANY OTHER STATE. That's pretty poor cooperation with other states that honor theirs. I'm sure nothing can be done about it; I'm just venting.

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    If you do take that trip you will be unarmed. I have made a personal choice that if my gun is not welcome then my money will not be spent there.
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    Going to Hawaii is q bit like going abroad. Weapons not permitted. A large population or orientals live there and tend to be anti gun. Generally speaking it is a very liberal state.
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    HI is as anti-American as any state can be. It disregards the rights of the citizenry. Just my $0.02, I will never visit HI, nor spend my money there if the state is going to strip my rights from me.

    I have 39 states I can visit that will enjoy me along with my rights. The other 11 can pound salt.
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    I'm stationed here on Ohau, and have been for the past 2 years. There is alot of crap that has to be done to have your firearm here (and carry isn't an option legally). I havent had an issue flying too and from Honolulu, but unfortunately can't legally carry them. Your best bet unfortunatly is to leave them home and carry a good pocket knife.

    Which Island you coming to?

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    I was stationed there for three years and it was awful. Most of the land there is owned by Japanese business interests. It's crazy... you can buy a house there, but you have to lease the land it's sitting on.

    Very pretty place, though. Loved visiting Maui. I'm more of a mountains and snow kind of girl, though, so never really cared for it there.
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    I agree with the vent and the previous posters in that if I can't carry, I'm not going. Period. I expect that kind of nonsense from Hawaii, but we have it right here in the South. I have two friends who have condos in Hilton Head that we could use whenever we liked, but I won't step foot into South Carolina until they start honoring Georgia permits.

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    I no longer spend my money in any state that does not honor the 2nd amendment. In reviewing recent bookkeeping data, CA lost about $5,000 last year my two oldest sons live there and we now meet in AZ.

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    I no longer spend my money in any state that does not honor the 2nd amendment. In reviewing recent bookkeeping data, CA lost about $5,000 last year my two oldest sons live there and we now meet in AZ.
    Exactly that. I can't wait to get out CT and out to the southwest to a city and state that appreciates my business while respecting my constitutional rights. It's a mute point with Hawaii, though. They could care less. They get so much tourism it will only make a difference when enough people rise up and protest with their wallets to change the reciprocity laws.


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