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    Here is a pic of my small 4X4 bull. We have started cooking some of him up already, and he is not bad at all for a bull. Even my wife had no complaints about him being gamey. Still have two cow tags for my 12 yr old son to try to fill this fall. We are going out soon for one of those and the other is still pending a spot to hunt.

    2009 Elk :: 2009 Bull elk picture by elkhuntCO - Photobucket
    2009 Elk :: 2009 Bull Elk small 4X4 picture by elkhuntCO - Photobucket

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    Very nice,I've had one of those on my "to do" list for years. Congrats!
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    Thanks, Ruger and all, There is nothing quite like elk hunting, my brother says that turkey hunting is very similar, but without the heavy pack after the shooting is done. Gottat love it.

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