I'm starting to like this stuff
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Thread: I'm starting to like this stuff

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    I'm starting to like this stuff

    11/05/09 Friggin early in the morning, one shot to knock her on her butt. I dont know if its the fun of hunting them,the shooting, or if I just dislike coyotes. But hunting these PESTS is a real kick in the @$$. Try it and save a bunny or a fawn,or maybe little fluffly will be safe when she goes out to poo on someone elses lawn (for you city folk).

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    Giggity! I've never seen one, but I keep an eye out every time I'm on my deer stand.....or fishing......or playing with the pup at my father-in-law's.
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    Wanna have some real fun, find a rabbit in distress call. play it just before dawn and watch those little bastards come charging.
    We use to have a tape that we played through a speaker on my friends truck. Great entertainment!

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