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    Steal a kid

    Youth week starts here tomorrow,and being that we have wild deer and have to actually go out and look for them,I have the honor of taking a friend of mines youngest son out tomorrow. His dad is in Iraq serving his tour. His papaw and mamaw are leaving in the morning for the mtns of TN so he couldnt go with him. His uncle is taking his daughter and nephew so he will have his hands full. I eagerly volunteered my assistance this morning when we all met up at the crossroads. I am more than happy to be taking him hunting in the morning. This is my first chance out after deer this season ( I wont be packing),and I pray that we can take one. If you have a neighbor kid that needs someone to take them hunting get off of it and just go steal em and take em hunting. Hopefully we will have pics to post soon. I think this is a very small thing that I can do to say thank you.
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    Very Good, Enjoy the day!
    Semper Fi

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    sounds like a great time. good luck.
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  5. Good little start to my day. The youth are the future of the sport!

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