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Thread: How did ya'll do this deer season?

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    All of us filled our tags this year, both gun and stick-n-string. After deer season I got myself a new .204 and an electronic call and tried my hand at coyote hunting. It was a blast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricbak View Post
    Everybody got sick.....all I got was a little whine....
    My brother-in-law and I were both sick or working all of this season. I managed to go one day and saw no deer, he went two other times and saw only does.

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    Here is a pic from my 2009 Northern Missouri Buck.

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    did well

    pratice makes perfect!!!!

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    I got a couple,6 and a 7 point.It was damn good for a not-broken-in Bushmaster .308 (that thing holds 20 rounds.Autoloader bambi death!
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  7. I did alright. I got an 8pt with a couple broken tines. He was still nice. Even better was that my 8 year old son got his first whitetail. A doe with a single shot 20 ga. We were both so excited. He got his first turkey this spring also. 3 more kids up and coming......I've got my hands full!

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    I'm typically a meat hunter and does are a wonderful gift for us and the farmers who host me, but God provided a 12-point buck of substantial size on opening day of muzzleloader season this past year. He's the only meat we got, but it's going to last us until the next season, so we are blessed.

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    Didn't see a thing but wasn't surprised,considering the little lot I'm stuck hunting.

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    We did good. 2 whitetail bucks,4 mule deer does,2 cow elk,2 antelope bucks.

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    Was on the boat, missed deer season. Blasphemy!!

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