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    Down here in TX I have never used a food plot tend to stick with Feeders(Corn) and Mineral Licks. Up in Missouri where I hunt with family we plant a combination of turnips and clover. Have done this for last two years and saw a good stand of both this year and could really see where the deer have grazed on it.

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    In my neck of the woods I plant a mix of winter wheat,rye grass,bob oats and a little clover to sweeten the pot. The deer seem to like it. Getting it in the ground at the right time is the trick. Always aim to get it in between mid sept and the 1st of oct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jes View Post
    Well, we got up to the property last weekend. We put in 3 new ladder stands and repositioned one from last year, so we now have 8 good ladder stands. The 3 ground blinds we left up were flattened and we pitched them in the trash, so there is some more money we need to spend. Even my good primos blind with heavy duty 10in pegs was blown down and ripped.

    The good news is the farmer was willing to put in 3 food plots for us if we supplied the seed, which we were happy to do. He is putting in the 100# of Rackmaster spring/summer and will put in some winter wheat if that runs out. I can't wait to get back up and check the trail cameras the first of October.
    This sounds like a great deal. If the farmer is going to plant for free you just have to supply the seed you can't beat that. I would say your going to have some great property to hunt.

    have fun be safe

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  5. I've used both spring plots with corn/soybeans and fall plots with wheat. I really like the wheat because it's green when most everything in north MO is brown. The deer clean out the corn before it has much chance to make grain even when we plant 5+ acres. In addition, the ground is easier to get worked in late summer when we plant wheat. When I can, I plant both types and hunt the best places. We have several hundred acres of CRP which provides most of what the deer need in the summer plus I keep mineral out year round for herd health and antler growth. I just worked two plots yesterday in preparation for planting wheat. I have tried turnips but the seed is difficult for my equipment to handle compared to wheat.

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    I have been planting apple seeds here in Boston for four years now. Last year I bought 20 apple trees at Lowes, and planted them on my land in Maine, 300 miles away. Some jerk cut all the branches off and skinned the bark off with a knife. 18 out of 20 died. They also dug up and stole 20 lilac bushes.

    So last week I started bringing up my home grown trees, and found stones knocked off of my foundation I'm building. So I decided to give all 40 saplings I've grown which range from 4 inches to 6 feet to my buddy. He lives near me here in Boston and has 50 acres on the other side of my river in Maine, and another 50 acres 12 miles away with a log cabin. He plants red and white clover, and apple trees and winter wheat. I spent most of last week end planting trees on his land. Yesterday I started welding a custom tree stand in my garage, and I'll be adding that to the ones he already has up there.
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    Well, the rackmaster spring/summer soys were eaten down to the dirt last year. 700+ game camera photos. Had a shot at a 6pt and a nice 8pt... missed wildly. Ended up with a nice freezer doe during gun season.

    We just put in about 2 acres mixed - oats, austrian winter peas, and turnips saturday. It rained like crazy saturday night. When we went in to finish up sunday there were already tracks all over the plots. A lot of pre-season hope!

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    Probably not many hunters on this concealed carry forum. Depending on where you live, there should be a hunting forum that will get you a bunch of replies. I enjoy the Texas Hunting Forum - there are lots of others.

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    I've got a row of apple trees along a stone wall with a small stream at the bottom. I don't need another feed plot, this one takes care of itself!

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