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    Bow Hunting

    Hey guys,

    This is my first year bow hunting. Been shooting at bag targets and a 3D target (currently building an archery range in my back yard). Any advice for getting ready for bow season? Season starts here in PRMA in October and I wan't to be prepared. Just curious if you guys have any pointers, recommendations, etc etc.

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  3. Welcome to bowhunting! My advise is to practice with the gear you are planning to hunt with. If you plan to hunt with camo gloves practice with them, if you are planning to use a facenet practice with it on, you get the picture. Good luck!

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    Welcome. practice practice practice, Best thing I can say is try and stay within 25 to 30 yard shots. Bug spray for the start of season. Have your stands set up four weeks ahead of opening day. Practice out of stand if that is what you will be using. have fun be careful.

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    Practice in a real tree with your climbing steps, stand, and harness. You are using a harness I assume? Most hunting injuries, and deaths are caused by those who climb trees.
    Bring along a friend in case you get in trouble. Or to call 911, if you are not using a full body harness. Forget those around your waist only.
    Never hunt alone. Always have a friend in the same general area.
    A deers main methods of avoiding danger is their sense of smell, and hearing. Their eyesite is very poor.

    Forget the stuff that "masks" your odor. The deer's nose is almost as good as a bloodhounds.

    Go early and scout. Find the deer highways in the woods. That is where all the does, and young bucks travel. The older bucks go by a different drummer.

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    Thanks for the responses guys! Will be practicing a few days a week until the season opens in October. I can't wait to get out there, love to hunt.
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    A buddy just emailed me, got 2 does opening day near Framingham MA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldOwl View Post
    A buddy just emailed me, got 2 does opening day near Framingham MA.
    AWESOME! I'm still waiting to get my first deer (ever). Going out saturday morning...hopefully I at least see something
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