1st elk season in CO
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Thread: 1st elk season in CO

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    1st elk season in CO

    My buddy had cow tags for him and his son for the first elk rifle season in CO and we only had the weekend to hunt. It was in the mid to upper 60's at 8000ft and the elk were high and deep in the dark timber. We only saw a few elk in two days of hunting, but it sure beat being at work. Luckily CO allows the youth to hunt late season with the unfilled cow tag so we will go out later this year and find one for him to shoot. I have 3rd rifle season tags for myself and my two sons, it starts Nov 6-14, so we will see if they have moved down a bit and are a little easier to get to. We'll have to wait and see. I'll let you know how we do.

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    Wish the weather had cooperated for y'all. Good luck on the soon approaching hunt!! One of these days I'm gonna try Elk hunting.
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    Where were you at? About 27 miles north of steamboat there are a ton of elk there. I was bear hunting there in september.around steamboat state park. if your ragas are rifle there are done units there you should be able to use

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