We have a sheep group that has some interesting topics at times.
We were discussing what to do with agressive rams.

Subject: [Shedders_Sheep_Group] Re: Temperament, Rams, Dogs,Etc

I didn't eat nor put mine down. I sold him to a hunting ranch.
Brenda Savage
United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc.


Now that you said that and you are in a very different situation then most of us.

Do you breed for aggressiveness?

I have always wondered about hunting on a hunting ranch that buys from an outside source.

How do they instill the fear of humans into the animals?

I hunted for wild boar on a preserve and the owner said the boars were captured in the South and transported to his area, and they definitely weren't friendly.

He also had sheep and goats and some were grazing right around the bunkhouse, mostly ewes and nannies with their young, I didn't see any huntable rams, nor did I see any when I was out hunting, but he had some very impressive heads on the wall.

He also had a very different type of dog, his were trained to find and hold a wounded boar off the hunter.
The owner took my two brothers and me to our stands before daylight and forgot to tell me I wasn't suppose to leave my tree stand if I shot until he arrived with the dogs. I shot a nice 200 pounder tracked him for over 300 yards in heavy brush before I found it, gutted it, and drug it to the bunkhouse.
That night at supper the owner told me I was the first hunter ever to bring a boar by himself and how stupid I was he said, " as a last resort we will drag a dead animal to a stand area and open it up and usually a pack of boars will show up within minuets".
Oh by the way, I was hunting with a 45 cal. single shot muzzel loader, which he wasn't too happy with in the first place.

Take Care